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Over coming challenges of“maintenance” in Logistics enterprise

Post By :- admin Date:- July 4, 2017

“Prevention is better than cure” The term we had been listening since our childhood, but never understood till we have that situation staring at our face.Big Logistics Enterprises face these challenges, day in day out.

  • Large number of parent assets & child assets with minimum tracking or we can say absolutely no tracking of servicing then at right schedules. No centralized data to track the when a truck or a crane had servicing. Ok for getting brownie points the Department head can came out with a date or number of kilometers. But if we drill down to what parts were changed? We are sure to get draw blank. This is not a weakness of that Department head, but we had not hired a superman who can memorize tons of data & keep using it.
  • Disparity of systems is one more sure way to flop & cost big in the planned expenditure. Typically system running varies from Excel sheets to Paper-pen to accounting & bill generating software. If one fine day, CEO of the company ask for data on tyres replaced & fuel consumed by company, he can get it in 15-20 mins. But if he ask for fleet-wise or load-wise expenses, the report will take eternity to reach him.

  • Knowledge of breakdowns & technical know-how stored in the heads of the users. The fault / breakdown history of asset is usually not reported or documented only in mails. There is no system to keep track of the breakdowns happened of that asset. So is the technical know-how, the users manuals of the assets are usually filed & hard copies of crucial drawings are stored at inaccessible places.
  • Less use of mobile technology. The breakdowns happening or issues faced on the roads or on assets installed in remote locations are seldom reported back to the system. No or very less use of mobile apps to properly record the maintenance history for remotely used assets.
  • No key performance pointers to evaluate the performance of the departments. Maintenance department of an enterprise is step-son when it comes to appraisals. In absence of any key performance pointers to evaluate the performance of staff become difficult.
  • To proactively detect the breakdowns.An international study says that more than 80% of the asset failures happens randomly without giving any indication. When we have a preventive maintenance schedules & a system to execute those schedules timely & on unconditional basis then only life-cycle of the assets can be increased substantially.
  • Tracking of warranties & AMCs is one of the most important area where enterprises can save lot of money. OEMs warranty & extended warranties on an asset needs to be available on a click of a button. Time based, distance based & coverage based warranty schedules are either missing or available on papers, which makes it difficult to track & claim, costing lot of capital eroding needlessly.

So an Enterprise asset management solution designed for transportation assets like Trucks, buses, cars, cranes and land-movers is must for a growing Enterprise to be in this competitive Vertical. A one-stop solution can help an enterprise to take care ofmonitoring requirements, extending an asset life, moreimproved parts management, thus reducing breakdowns and increase planned maintenance.